The 4th year Family Medicine clerkship at Natividad Medical Center is designed to prepare students for upcoming Residency. That means students have a lot of hands-on experiences and spend a significant amount of time with our current residents during Morning Report, education sessions, transitional call and patient care.

The Schedule

Each student’s schedule is designed to appeal to individual interests within a Family Medicine framework.  A typical 4 week student experience includes inpatient service, Labor and Delivery, and clinic experience with Family Medicine physicians in a rural community. Students also participate in transitional call (5pm-8pm) with a 3rd year Resident once per week, where they often do several deliveries.

Didactic Sessions

Students attend two separate weekly education sessions.  In the first session, faculty from Natividad and throughout California present clinical topics to our current residents. The second session is in keeping with our mission to provide comprehensive care within the context of the community. In this session, medical students are encouraged to explore the characteristics of the area and participate in weekly discussions about the effects of socio-psychological factors on health and health care.

The Students

As part of our affiliation with UCSF, we schedule 3rd year FM students from UCSF for 6 week blocks throughout the year. Preference for the remaining 2-3 opportunities per month is given to 4th year students who speak Spanish and are dedicated to pursuing Family Medicine in rural areas.  There are no designated start or end dates for these clerkships, so that different University clerkship schedules can be accommodated. Non-UCSF 3rd year students will be considered on a space-available basis.


The Family Medicine Residency rents a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment within a mile of the medical center that is available to visiting medical students. The house is fully furnished and equipped with the basic linens and appliances.  A small rental fee is required.

For more information, call (831) 755-4383 or Download Clerkship Application



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