Resources & Links

Along with finding a program that fits your needs, it is also important that it be a good fit for your spouse/partner and family. Therefore, we have put together some additional community resources to give you a more in-depth look at our area. A good place to start is the Chamber of Commerce Website:


Our residents live all over Monterey County as well as Santa Cruz and San Jose. Choosing housing in the area really depends on your personal preferences: rent or buy, rural or urban, beach or inland. It’s all available within a 45 minute commute. Naturally, all of these variables will affect how much you will be paying per month.

Employment and Local News

In addition to the nationwide job-search engines, families of our residents can find employment opportunities at or just browse through the local newspapers:, and

Child Care

Child care is available for our Residents on the Natividad Medical Center Campus through Kids at Play. Please call (831) 769-8697 for more information.

Schools and School districts

Residents with small children are always looking for information about the schools in the area. Try these pages:

Higher Education

We have 2 four-year Universities in the area and a number of community and vocational schools or programs.


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