3rd Year

Robin Bennett, DO
Touro University, Vallejo, CA

I was born in Joplin, Missouri, but I consider myself a native Californian, as I have been in California now for a quarter century. I completed my undergraduate degree at UCLA and took a year off before starting medical school at Touro. I really love northern California and the Central Coast, not only for its weather and food, but also because I have a new family here through my husband. I have a great desire to help those in need, and at Natividad I feel that there is a great environment for learning, teaching, and serving the public. Outside of the hospital, I enjoy spending time with my family, husband and two cats, eating delicious foods, hiking, exercising, and relaxing with a glass of wine.


Caroline Engel, DO
Touro University, Vallejo, CA

Pursuing aspirations that are shared by my family, I am thrilled to be a family medicine physician dedicated to promoting health within my local community and abroad. While growing up in Southern California, the philosophy of respecting and caring for others was instilled in me by my family and friends. In college at UC Santa Cruz, my interests in biology and art led me to pursue a BS in Marine Biology and BA in Art while fulfilling my pre-med requirements. During medical school at Touro, I was excited to discover my passion for primary care, choosing to pursue Family Medicine. I am thrilled to complete my training at Natividad because of the strength of the program and the compassionate and dedicated residents and staff. I have always been interested in providing healthcare to underserved, and hope to continue this aspiration once I complete residency. In my free time I love to swim, surf, dance, bike, hike, ski, travel, create, cook, and spend time with my friends and family.

Victor Delgado, MD
Universidad San Martin de Porres, Peru

I was born in Lima, Peru. After graduating from Medical school in 2006, I elected to perform one year of Social Service in the jungle of Peru. One of my biggest challenges as a general practitioner was delivering health care to a population of whom the majority had never before seen a doctor. I faced a new culture and families who were hard to approach. This daunting, yet very rewarding experience, consolidated my desires of becoming a family physician. After moving to the US, I desired to practice Family Medicine in an unopposed program, with a great teaching environment and high quality OB training. Natividad has all what I was looking for plus a very supportive faculty team, residents and staff. I live in Monterey, just a few blocks from the sea. I like hiking, listening to salsa music, soccer and hanging out with my new friends that I’ve made here at Natividad.


Dr. Bonnie Hall, MD
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


Born in Brooklyn, NY, I grew up in Jersey and went to college at UC Berkeley. From there I completed an MD PhD program at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. My PhD work was in biomedical imaging and pathology. However, life in the lab, where I was programming all day in front of a computer, did not appeal to me. I decided I wanted to work with people in a specialty that did a lot of procedures. Originally, I chose ophthalmology as my specialty, but I realized it was just too focused for me. I switched to family medicine because of the patient continuity and the skills it would give me to help the most people possible. My dream is to do medical mission work, and I believe that right here in Salinas, I can fulfill that dream- without much travel! As for fun activities: I enjoy sewing and cooking, and spending time with my family. I am blessed with 3 children. The last one was born during grand rounds while working as a “sub I” my 4th year of medical school!


Cynthia Hill, MD
Ross University, Dominica

Born and raised in Washington DC, I have a desire to contribute to underserved communities such as my own.  Having grown up in a district with the nation’s highest rates of HIV and infant mortality, I have developed a strong desire to work towards equal access and equal care in reproductive health. The full spectrum of Family Medicine and the progressive high volume OB service at Natividad made this program my first choice.  Being at Natividad also allowed me to return to the Central Coast where I was previously a high school teacher and student midwife and enjoyed surfing.  International health is an interest of mine; in the past I have done relief work in both Honduras and Thailand, where I learned to speak descent Thai.  I am very grateful to have the opportunity to learn from and serve with such an inspiring group of physicians here at Natividad.


Jennerfer Tiscareno, MD
Ross University, Dominica

Being raised in Vacaville, CA, I have always felt lucky to be from such an awesome state. Since leaving for the East Coast for my undergraduate schooling, it has been about nine years of traveling around the US and Caribbean, and it feels great to be back and close to my family. I feel so lucky to be completing my residency at NMC. The diverse patient population, as well as outlook on family medicine, fits my personality and approach to practicing medicine. I look forward to improving my Spanish speaking skills as well as dealing with the variety of disease states presented here. Professionally, I am interested in treating the entire body and mind, hopefully helping people to understand that diet and exercise can help prevent many of the diseases they have contracted. I am also interested in urgent care as well as international health. In my spare time, I hope to take advantage of the many trails to run, rocks to climb, yoga studios to practice at, as well as enjoying some of the wonderful Central Coast areas, especially one of my favorite places on earth, Carmel.

Alison Wilson de Luca, DO
Touro University, Vallejo, CA

Although my roots are in Bethesda, Maryland where I grew up, California feels like a second home to me. I went to medical school at Touro University in Vallejo, CA and lived for seven years in various cities around the San Francisco Bay area. As much as I love San Francisco, it appears that Monterey Bay will be a fierce rival for my affection. I consider myself to be very lucky to now be living here in the Central California Coast with my wonderful husband and three little girls who supported me enough to pack up our home in Puerto Rico, where we have been living for the past two years, and say goodbye to the tropical climate and close friends in order to start a new adventure. My interests in medicine have been shaped by my academic pursuits in medical school and my MPH studies in maternal and child health at George Washington University, as well as through interesting clinical experiences with disadvantaged populations in Mexico and Puerto Rico. I am excited to have the opportunity to train at Natividad because I am confident my experience here will provide me with a strong foundation in family medicine and prepare me to work in the future with underserved populations. Outside of the hospital, I enjoy hiking, running, eating seafood, reading fiction to myself and especially to my girls, and enjoying time together with friends and family.


Kyle Youngflesh, DO
Touro University, Vallejo, CA

Firmly believing that life is for living, I am happy to find myself doing so here at the closest Family Medicine residency to the Big Sur coast. I was born in San Diego, have a degree from UCSD in Electrical Engineering, and studied medicine in the SF Bay area at Touro University. To borrow from Tom Robbins, I believe that humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature, and that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. I consider myself lucky indeed to have the honor to learn the art of medicine and have a blast speaking Spanish with the wonderful people of Salinas as my patients and colleagues. I lived and played in Oaxaca, Mexico for two months of my clinical medical school years, where I familiarized myself with Spanish and a slower pace of life. I've traveled extensively in India, including medical work in the Himalayan desert of Ladakh with the most loving people on earth. My medical interests span the entire scope of Family Medicine, with special places in my heart for radical evidence-based nutrition, osteopathy, mind-body medicine, procedures, palliative care, international medicine, under-served populations and obstetrics. Outside of medicine I enjoy hiking, running, biking, gardening, cooking, board games, reading, computer games, yoga, and travel. Living on the Central Coast, with its prime produce, proximity of panoramas, and precious people, pleases me profoundly



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