3rd Year

Megan Moran, MD

University of Arizona

After serving in the military as an Air Force communications officer for a short while, I went to medical school in Tucson AZ at the University of AZ COM. Completed intern year in Tucson with my husband, and upon his military transfer out to Monterey CA I was able to transfer out and join the Natividad family as a 2nd year! I enjoy spending time with my family and adorable daughter. Our family enjoys staying active with hiking, biking, running and skiing. We're in a gorgeous location for all those things!

Rebecca Raymond

Rebecca Raymond, MD

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

I am a recent transplant to California from the high desert of Albuquerque, NM. I did my undergraduate and medical school studies at the University of New Mexico. During my undergraduate and medical school I worked with the Rape Crisis Center in Albuquerque and found a special interest in Women's Health and Reproductive Health education. My interests include Women's Health, Obstetrics, Public/Community Health initiatives and research into health disparities between minority populations. I wanted to find a residency program that would help me further those interests and give me an excuse to speak Spanish every day; Natividad was a perfect fit! I am so excited to start work at Natividad with such a devoted staff and to get the opportunity to work with such an amazing patient population. In my leisure time I enjoy gardening, biking, and hiking and I am thrilled that I can explore the Central Coast!

Chelsea Chung

Chelsea Chung, DO

Western University

A Bay Area native, I am absolutely thrilled to be training at Natividad with all it has to offer. I grew up near San Jose and completed my undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley with a BA in English and a BS in plant molecular biology, with the intent of pursuing research. However, after working as an office manager at a wonderful osteopathic medical practice in Berkeley, I was inspired to study osteopathic medicine at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA. During medical school, I was fortunate to travel to Patna, India for a medical missions trip, as well as work as an extern for Medical Students For Choice. Those transformative experiences fueled my desire to work with undeserved populations, and in women's health. My areas of interest also include osteopathy (in the cranial field and the biodynamic model), which I hope to continue to develop and apply in full-spectrum family practice. I have a lifelong passion for dance, being trained in ballet for 13 years, and jazz and hip hop in college. I had the amazing opportunity to travel, perform, and compete with hip hop dance troupes Culture Shock Oakland, Mind Over Matter SF, and Groove Against the Machine. I am proud to call these dancers my second family. These days my dance interests fall towards lindy hop and salsa. My other hobbies include reading, sewing, watching live music and terrible movies, singing car karaoke, and finding great places to eat!

Adam Colton

Adam Colton, DO

Chicago College of Osteopathic

Having spent the entirety of my life living in the Midwest it was only a matter of time before the allure of the Pacific beckoned me westward. While studying at the University of Michigan I grappled with the idea of a career in medicine for quite a while, but after finding a true passion for helping the underserved during a medical mission to Honduras I knew it was the right fit for me. Needing time to decompress and reflect I decided to take some time off to explore Peru for a bit and to spend 6 months trekking around the opposite side of the globe, prior to starting medical school. Over the course of my time in Chicago I developed an interest in a little bit of everything, but knowing as I had for many years that my interests lay in treating the whole person, and not just the symptoms, I knew Family Medicine was where I belonged. Desperate to rid myself of hot, humid summers & gloomy, frozen winters I decided that the ocean, mountains and sunny blue skies of California was where I needed to be. Spending the majority of my final year of medical school touring the California coast I was blessed to be able to work alongside the amazing residents, faculty and staff here at Natividad. The strong focus on community, combined with top notch unopposed, full-spectrum Family Medicine training left no doubt that I had found the right fit for me. I chose Natividad not only for the incredible training but for the opportunity to work with the hardworking underserved populations of the Salinas Valley. Having a strong desire for international and rural work after residency, I knew this program would prepare me to be able to effectively manage whatever I may encounter as a physician and to do so confidently. In my free time I enjoy traveling, hiking, cycling, camping, snowboarding, drumming, meditating, and smiling at the beauty & abundance of the life that I live.

Victoria Williams

Victoria Williams, DO

Western University

I spent my childhood in a small orchard town, and then moved to the Bay Area for my teen and college years. I am thrilled to be practicing medicine with a rural community again, and so happy to be living near my family and hometown with my husband, two dogs, cat and newborn daughter. Professionally, I have a strong interest in osteopathic and integrative medicine. During my fourth year of medical school, I took time off in order to study Ayurveda and Mindfulness in India. I created a clerkship in Kenya that focused on indigenous medicine for the underserved among the Maasai community. Personally, I was blessed to focus on a natural childbirth and being a mother, which has truly reignited my passion for family-focused medicine. It is great to find such a supportive and challenging learning environment here at Natividad.

Chirag Gandhi

Chirag Gandhi, DO

I have lived a few different places in my life and in all of them I have found home. An individual’s house is made a home by the people he is surrounded with. Growing up in India, I was fortunate enough to have a large extended family with fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers in all corners of my town. Moving to the United States, my family shrunk but the love I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by only grew. My family has taught me the value of altruism, hard work and sacrifice. From my introduction to medicine in high school until now I have harbored these values as the foundation upon which to build my medical career. I fell in love with the spirit, enthusiasm and compassionate nature of Latin Americans on my many trips through South America. The Chileans taught me the value of a warm heart in the coldest of winters. The Argentinians taught me that through spirit and passion one can fuel his aspirations. The Hondurans demonstrated the power of patience and tradition in molding our future. Finally, the Mexicans reaffirmed to me the role and power of family and community to both endure and thrive through adversity. I consider myself fortunate enough once again to build a new family with the wonderful faculty, staff and fellow residents here at Natividad. I hope my experience at Natividad to be a commensal one where we all work together to motivate each other to become the best that we can be. I have a keen interest in mind-body medicine, the effect of psychosocial issues on an individual’s health both organic and otherwise. I aim to add the dimension of mindfulness to my practice as a physician in order to excel in providing excellent care to my patients. I have great respect for and a soft spot in my heart for the underserved community. I hope that through my service, I can be of some benefit to them in reducing their burden and in return they will be my most effective teachers.


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