Natividad Visitor Policy Coronavirus (Covid-19) Alert

  • March 22, 2020

Dear Patients and Families,

Thank you for choosing Natividad for your health care needs. It is critically important that we protect our patients, their families, our staff and community while we continue to provide high-quality care at our hospital and clinics.

Due to the evolving situation with novel coronavirus (COVID-19), no visitors will be allowed into the hospital or clinics.

The following exceptions apply:

  1. One banded parent or one banded guardian for NICU and pediatric patients.
  2. One banded support person for patients in labor.
  3. One banded support person in Maternal Infant Unit (MIU).
  4. End-of-life patient will be managed at the discretion of the Nursing Director.
  5. One caregiver if patient needs assistance admitting into the facility or during an outpatient appointment (e.g., needs help walking, getting to the bathroom, or understanding instructions), at any time.
  6. One parent if patient is a minor seen in ED or during an outpatient appointment.

In addition to the above:

  1. No visitors will be allowed for suspected or actual COVID-19 patients with the exception of one banded parent for pediatric or NICU patient.
  2. Visitors who are allowed due to special circumstances will be instructed to wear appropriate PPE prior to entering a patient room.
  3. All visitors and outpatients are required to wear facemasks at all times when on the premises. Visitors and outpatients coming in without a mask will be provided one upon entering the facility.
  4. Visitors to the hospital and clinics may be screened for respiratory symptoms and fever. Symptomatic visitor will be asked to leave the facility.
  5. Visitors must stay in the patient’s room the entire time of the visit. Once they leave the patient’s room, they must leave the hospital and may not come back until the following day.

We recommend using FaceTime, Skype or the phone in your room to connect with and update your loved ones who cannot visit during your stay. We are unable to accept deliveries of personal belongings, gifts, flowers and food for patients at this time. Mail is welcome. If you have questions or need additional information, please call us at (831) 755-4111. For additional information about COVID-19, please visit

Dr. Craig Walls
Chief Medical Officer