Natividad Becomes Second Hospital in California With Fully Accredited Simulation Program

  • September 17, 2020

Natividad’s Simulation Program has been accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare in the areas of teaching and education. It is only the second hospital-based program in California to achieve this status.

The Natividad simulation lab features state-of-the-art technology providing physicians, nurses and other clinical practitioners with real-world experiences in a controlled environment. Using computer-driven manikins, the lab can simulate medical scenarios ranging from postpartum hemorrhage to multiple-injury car crashes. The manikins are programmed to respond to physical care and medications, can mimic human breathing and can display vital sign changes.

The manikins are operated in a simulated-reality hospital room with two beds and patient monitors, a video monitoring system, and an observation and debriefing area. Participants gain hands-on experience through simulation training and video playback.

Natividad is the only teaching hospital on the Central Coast and the simulation program provides a valuable training tool for educating future doctors and nurses. In addition to hospital clinical staff, the lab provides training to the California State University Monterey Bay Physician Assistant Program, local nursing schools and paramedic training programs. Natividad educators also teach multiple American Heart Association training courses.

“We are extremely proud of the accreditation designation and look forward to expanding our program to additional community health care providers,” said Susan Lindeman, Director of Nursing Education at Natividad. “The simulation program would never have been possible without the involvement and vision of Dr. Tom McKay, RN, Education and Simulation Coordinator. He came to Natividad to make this a reality and did so with the full support of our simulation team, hospital board and administrators.”