Nursing Professional Development

Nursing Education Department

The Nursing Education Department at Natividad offers a variety of opportunities for education and staff development. Our team members are a Director, Education and Simulation Coordinator, Simulation Operational Specialist and a Principal Office Assistant.  Additionally, we have five Clinical Nurse Specialists who support our nurses and patient care staff.

We are an American Heart Training Center and offer BLS/Heart Code, ACLS and PALS classes for Natividad staff as well as the community. In addition to these courses, we offer Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum (TNC),

Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) and other national certification courses.

Natividad supports advanced education for nursing and provides opportunities for nurses to complete clinical rotations associated with Bachelor, Master’s, and Doctoral, as well as, Nurse Practitioner programs.

Recently, we implemented Nursing Videocasts and Podcasts as another avenue for our staff to expand their knowledge and expertise at their convenience.

Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 7:30 -4:30. We can be contacted at

Simulation Program

The Nursing Education Department is proud to announce that in 2020, Natividad’s Simulation Program has been accredited by the Society for Simulation in Health Care Accredited Simulation Center. Our program provides simulation learning experience to enhance nursing practice and improve patient outcomes.

  • Our Simulation program is a learning tool that provides scenarios for staff to practice their skills in high acuity, low frequency clinical events.
  • The Simulation Lab has the look and feel of a patient care area where health care workers can replicate real life situations and participate in discussions related to improving patient care.
  • Individualized healthcare scenarios are utilized in the following areas: Acute Rehab, Pediatrics, Medical/Surgical/Intermediate Care, Intensive Care, Emergency Department, Labor & Delivery and Neonatal Intensive Care. Mock Codes are included in our program.
  • The Family Medicine Residency Program uses Simulation scenarios to enhance training on SIDS, STEMI, and Postpartum Hemorrhage, Febrile Seizures and Bronchiolitis.