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Easy, Convenient Access to Your Health Records Online

MyNatividad patient portal provides free and secure online access to your health information. It is designed to help you take an active role in your health care decisions. With MyNatividad, you can view your medical records at Natividad, including:

  • Appointments
  • Results
  • Medications
  • Billing
  • Health Summary
  • Reports
  • Documents
  • Visit History
  • Allergies
  • Current Conditions

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How to Enroll in MyNatividad:

When you register for Natividad services, provide your email address on the MyNatividad patient portal form. Once your email is on file, you can enroll in MyNatividad with your medical record (MRN) or the last four digits of your social security number (SSN).

To enroll, visit or download the MHealth app, then follow instructions to complete your enrollment. Once you’re signed up for a MyNatividad account, you can access information from your visits at Natividad with the MyNatividad patient portal powered by the MHealth app from your smartphone or tablet or visit from any device.


Download the MHealth App for Easy Access to Your Account!

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the MHealth app. Then, allow location or select your location as California. Select MyNatividad from the portal list.

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Need Help?

For help with registration, email*, or call (831) 783-2415.

*Please note that email is not an encrypted/secure form of communication.


Is my information secure?

Protecting our patient’s information is very important to us. We make every effort to ensure that your data within the portal is kept private, secure and accessible only to you or the people you authorize.

Can I access my child’s health records?

MyNatividad accounts are available to patients 18 and older. You can also add a “dependent account” if you have a child under age 10. To add a “dependent account” please send an email to and include:

  • Patient’s first and last name
  • Parent/Guardian’s first and last name
  • Scan of the Parent/Guardian’s proof of identification, such as a valid driver’s license or ID card
  • The email address to set up the account or the email address already on file

There are state and federal laws regarding sensitive and private health data for minors. Once your child turns 10, you will no longer be able to access their record in MyNatividad. You will need to contact your provider directly to request copies of their medical records. Please call (831) 783-2415 if you have any questions.

Can I get my test results electronically?

Yes. Once results and documents are complete, they will be available to you through the MyNatividad patient portal.**

**State and federal laws regarding the electronic distribution of sensitive test results prevent us from providing you with some test results through the MyNatividad patient portal (California State Health and Safety Code 123148).

I'm a patient at Natividad but don't have a medical record number or social security number I can use. How do I self-enroll?

You can email*, or call (831) 783-2415.

* Please note that email is not an encrypted/secure form of communication.

Does MyNatividad replace the CCHC patient portal?

Yes. MyNatividad replaces the CCHC patient portal beginning May 1. On July 1, all access to CCHC patient portal ends and only MyNatividad will be available to Natividad’s patients. If you wish to access CCHC patient portal before July 1, visit

I have more questions or need help enrolling. Who do I contact?

For help, email*, or call (831) 783-2415.

*Please note that email is not an encrypted/secure form of communication.

I didn’t receive an invitation from MyNatividad after my visit or when my test results were completed, what do I do?

Call us at (831) 783-2415 and we’ll confirm your email address and resend the invitation to join MyNatividad. This email will come from

Can I see my old test results from Montage, Salinas Valley Health or Natividad that was done prior to MyNatividad being used?

No, you will not be able to access your results from Montage or Salinas Valley. You will only be able to view results electronically in MyNatividad that were completed at Natividad.

How do I change my email address in MyNatividad?

Go to “Preferences” and click “Update Preferences.” From there you can update your email address.

How do I view my spouse or parent’s health information?

MyNatividad does not allow an adult to have access to view another adult’s medical information. If you have a spouse or a parent and want to help them with monitoring their health care by viewing information in MyNatividad, have the spouse/parent contact us at (831) 783-2415 and we’ll help them set up a primary portal account for them.

My doctor uses an Athena (or other EMR) portal, is this the same thing?

No, EMR’s such as Athena use their own portal page are separate from MyNatividad. Those portal pages are more specific to that practice and allow you to schedule appointments, view billing information and more.

I don't want to participate, what do I do?

You are not required to sign up for MyNatividad. 

Where do I go in the MyNatividad patient portal to see my recent results?

From MyNatividad select “Results” to see your test results from Natividad.

I don’t have an email. Can I sign up for MyNatividad?

No, the patient portal requires you to have an email account.