Salary and Benefits

Our residents are represented by the SEIU – Service Employees International Union Local 521. Their contract with the county of Monterey is re-negotiated every three years, with resident participation. Click here to go to the personnel website for Monterey County to view the contract (MOU, Unit R) for Resident Physicians.

Annual Salaries

Resident Physician I: $61,488
Resident Physician II: $65,114
Resident Physician III: $68,471

Medical Coverage

Currently no out of pocket cost for premiums; in fact for 2018-19 residents receive a monthly refund of $350-$825 for their health insurance

Additional Benefit Information

Moving expenses: up to $5,000 with receipts
Educational Stipend: $2,000 per year
Bilingual Pay: $45 per pay period
Professional Stipend: $50 per month
Medical Records Completion Incentive: $150 per month
Paid Time Off (PTO): 29 days per year (unused days can be sold back at end of year)
Educational leave with pay: R1s – 3 days; R2s and R3s – 5 days
Life Insurance: $20,000
Monthly Cell Phone Stipend
Mileage reimbursement for travel to out of hospital rotation sites
All meals during working hours provided free of charge