Medical Records

Medical Records

You have the right to see your medical records. Patients or their legal representatives may request access to their medical records through the Health Information Management Department.

Health Information Management Department

The Health Information Management Department collects and processes patient information. Services include release of patient information, transcription, assembly and analysis, birth and death registries, record retrieval for reviews and patient care appointments, physician services, inpatient and outpatient coding, and discharge data collection.

How to Submit a Request For Your Health Records
In addition to the request, you must provide a copy of a valid identification card. Please complete and sign an authorization form for the release of health information from your records:

Request to Amend Protected Health Information (PHI)

Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Health Information >

Authorization to Disclose COVID Test Results (English) >

Authorization to Disclose COVID Test Results (Spanish) >

Please submit your request with the completed and signed authorization form above to:

Health Information Management Department
1441 Constitution Blvd. Building 580
Phone: (831) 783-2415 Fax: (831) 796-1661


Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Requests for copies of medical records are processed within 5-15 days, once valid written authorization is confirmed.

Birth Certificates or Death Certificates

If you need to request birth certificates or death certificates which were issued within the last year, please contact the Monterey County Health Department Vital Records Division by calling (831) 755-4506. For birth certificates and death certificates issued more than one year ago, please contact the Monterey County Recorder-Clerk’s Office


Easy, Convenient Access to Your Health Records Online
MyNatividad patient portal provides free and secure online access to your health information. It is designed to help you take an active role in your health care decisions.

For more information about MyNatividad and how to enroll, visit our MyNatividad information page >