Centers & Programs

Natividad is much more than just a hospital. It is a system of health care and support for the entire community. For over 134 years, we have been building our services and programs to best meet the needs of Monterey County.

Today, we are home to the county’s trauma center, and have comprehensive programs to serve a variety of patient needs.

Sam Karas Acute Rehabilitation Center provides inpatient rehabilitative care to patients needing a combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and/or speech-language therapy.

Our Women & Children’s Services provide extensive maternity care services, from prenatal care all the way through to postpartum and pediatric care. We offer breastfeeding support, and have a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to care for our most vulnerable patients.

Natividad is home to the county’s trauma center, and we stand ready to provide life-saving care to anyone and everyone who comes through our doors. Our Level II Trauma Center is supplemented by a wide range of trauma prevention programs.

Natividad Weight Loss provides bariatric weight loss surgery services. Beyond surgery, we equip our patients with the support and knowledge they need for a successful journey toward health and wellness.

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