Monterey County Hospitals Partner with GSA To Offer In-Field Medical Outreach

  • April 24, 2020

Mee Memorial Hospital, Natividad, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula have partnered with the Grower-Shipper Association of Central California to offer in-field coronavirus education by medical professionals.

Registered nurses from all hospitals and doctors from Natividad’s Family Medicine Residency Program are visiting fields, packing sheds and processing facilities to ensure agricultural workers receive expert guidance on COVID-19 protective measures. Research indicates that people are very likely to follow recommendations to prevent the spread of coronavirus if they receive messages from trusted sources like a doctor or a nurse.

Email Tonnie Reyes at Grower-Shipper Association with the following information:

  • How many workers you’d like trained.
  • What their general locations are (i.e. city).
  • How many employees will be in attendance per location.
  • Primary contact at your company to coordinate the scheduling of these visits.

The Grower-Shipper Association will coordinate scheduling between agricultural operations and participating hospitals.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring together all four area hospitals to work jointly on this important project,” said Abby Taylor-Silva, VP, Policy and Communications. “We know that businesses are taking precautions such as social distancing, facial coverings, and safe hygiene practices to reduce COVID-19 risks to agricultural employees. We strongly encourage every agricultural operation to reserve time with these front-line health care professionals to help address employee concerns and to learn about precautions at home to stay safe and healthy.”