Natividad Medical Center Announces the Grand Opening of D’Arrigo Family Specialty Services

  • July 23, 2012

What: Natividad Medical Center CEO, Harry Weis, announced today the Hospital will celebrate the grand opening of the D’Arrigo Family Specialty Services. D’Arrigo Family Specialty Services will provide specialized care – beyond the scope of Family Medicine – for more than 32,000 patient visits a year. Specialty services expansion has resulted in an increase from 18 exam rooms to 27 new exam rooms and 3 new procedure rooms.

In addition, there is now an Orthopedic cast room, and Radiology services are available in the clinic. NMC has additional physician specialists who will also be working in Specialty Services including the addition of Oncology, Hematology, Nephrology, Adult Neurology, and Plastic Surgery and the expansion of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cardiology, GeneralSurgery, Orthopedics, Urology, Gastroenterology and Physical Medicine. Also, Pediatric services provides a set of subspecialties including Cardiology, Orthopedics and Gastroenterology, as well as the Synagis Clinic.

The Synagis Clinic is the only clinic in Monterey County to provide RSV( Respiratory Syncytial Virus) protection for babies and children with chronic lung disease or babies who were born prematurely. D’Arrigo Family Specialty Services began with a $250,000 donation to Natividad Medical Foundation from the D’Arrigo Family.

John D’Arrigo, President and CEO of D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of CA, said, “This gift represents our continued commitment to improving the health status of farm families in Monterey County.” “I am so grateful to the D’Arrigo family,” said Dr. Gary Gray, Chief Medical Officer, Natividad Medical Center. “Providing these services allow our Monterey County families to seek care locally in one location at the D’Arrigo Family Specialty Services.” According to Dr. Gray, Natividad Medical Center has added over 60 physicians in the last two years.

When: Monday, July 23rd

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Where: Second Floor, D’Arrigo Family Specialty Services at Natividad Medical Center located at1441 Constitution Blvd. in Salinas, California

Details: Speeches by Harry Weis, CEO, Natividad Medical Center, Linda Ford, President and CEO, Natividad Medical Foundation, the D’Arrigo Family and more

Tours of the new D’Arrigo Family Specialty Services

Interview opportunities with:

  • Harry Weis, CEO, Natividad Medical Center
  • Linda Ford, President and CEO, Natividad Medical Foundation
  • Andy D’Arrigo
  • John D’Arrigo