3 Easy Steps to Strengthen Your Back

  • October 15, 2023

Get stronger abdominal muscles and a stronger back that’s less prone to pain in just a few minutes a day. Before you get started, warm up a little with a quick walk or march in place. You can do lying down exercises on a flat surface that you’re most comfortable with, for example, a bed or floor — grab a yoga mat or blanket to cushion yourself if needed. Consistency is key! You’ll get the best results after at least several weeks of daily practice.

Blair Limon, PT, DPT
Manager of Therapy Services

Blair Limon manages Natividad’s Therapy Services. Outpatient rehabilitation services are provided for patients by referral and self-referral, including physical, occupational and speech-language therapies. Rehabilitation services provide evaluations and treatments for all ages and physical conditions. The goal of these services is to restore, maintain and improve the patient’s optimum level of self-care, responsibility, independence and quality of life after experiencing an injury or illness.