Natividad Recognized as Top Rehab Facility in the Nation by Kindred Healthcare

  • June 17, 2021

Natividad’s Acute Rehabilitation Center ranked number one out of 110 Kindred inpatient rehabilitation centers in the nation for overall quality and outcomes for 2020. Natividad has received designation as Kindred’s top PEM (Program Evaluation Metrics) scorer since 2018. The score is based on Uniform Data System (UDS) Program Evaluation Metrics, which look at the type of patients seen in the rehab unit, the complexity of their cases, their functional gain and the percentage of patients who return to a home setting.

Natividad’s Acute Rehabilitation Center scored in the 98th percentile overall in 2020 for UDS. UDS pulls data from approximately 1,000 rehab centers in the nation. In the past four years, the hospital has consistently ranked in the top 10%.

“We are proud to have provided remarkable outcomes for our patients in an especially challenging time,” said Natividad Acute Rehabilitation Center Program Director Michelle Toderick.

The Natividad rehab unit sees approximately 650 patients a year and has a discharge to home rate of 85%, surpassing the Kindred benchmark of 75%.

“Helping our patients regain their quality of life and join their loved ones back home is our number one goal,” said Natividad Acute Rehabilitation Center Medical Director Dr. Anthony Galicia. “Achieving this honor was a total team effort by all of our compassionate and dedicated clinicians.”

Natividad’s Acute Rehabilitation Center is the Central Coast’s largest acute rehabilitation center and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for both stroke and rehab. To learn more about Natividad’s rehab services, visit