Monterey County Plans Health System Alignment and Integration

  • July 19, 2022

Natividad, the County of Monterey Health Department and the County of Monterey Administrative Office briefed the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday on its proposal to work in partnership to build an integrated health system. The system would provide seamless health care services to improve the health of everyone in Monterey County.

“An integrated health system will create a unified, sustainable Monterey County health system committed to improving the health of the entire community with an emphasis on the vulnerable,” said Director of Health Elsa Jimenez.

“The system will optimize patient care quality resulting in improved health outcomes, health equity, patient and staff satisfaction,” said Natividad Chief Executive Officer Dr. Chad Harris. “Every patient will be at the center of care.”

The executive briefing to the Board of Supervisors recommended that the Director of Health, the CEO of Natividad and the County Administrative Officer work in partnership to build an integrated health system. In addition, it will create an ad hoc committee to guide the process.

“Investing in infrastructure will provide a long-term return resulting in improved community health,” said County Administrative Officer Charles McKee. “There will be costs to establish the alignment, but more importantly, there will be economies of scale and potential cost savings.”