Natividad’s Farmers’ Market: A Fresh Approach to Wellness and Community Vitality

  • May 22, 2024

Natividad’s weekly Farmers’ Market season begins Wednesday, May 22 at 1441 Constitution Blvd., in Salinas. The market, which will run every Wednesday through October from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm, offers more than just fresh produce; it’s a gateway to a healthier lifestyle and a thriving community.

The market is expanding its role as a community health resource. “At Natividad, we see the direct correlation between access to nutritious food and overall physical health,” said Andrea Rosenberg, Natividad’s Chief Ancillary and Support Services Officer. “The Farmers’ Market provides access to high-quality, fresh produce and serves as a platform for healthy eating and active living education. It’s about building a healthier community one meal, one family at a time.”

This season’s launch will kick off with an exciting cooking demonstration by Chef Brandon Miller of Paella LLC. Join us at noon as Chef Brandon showcases a tantalizing Spring Vegetable Salad with Yogurt Dressing, featuring ingredients sourced directly from the market. The public is invited to participate in this free event and a Spanish-language interpreter will be available.

This season, Natividad’s Farmers’ Market is bursting with new features to enhance the shopping experience:

  • Health Benefits of Shopping at the Farmers’ Market: Fresh, locally sourced produce is at the heart of a healthy diet. Shopping at the market supports local agriculture and ensures that fruits and vegetables are at their peak in flavor and nutrition. The low transport requirements for local food also make it a greener choice, reducing carbon footprints.
  • Delicious, Nutritious Options: Patrons can enjoy various options, from organic fruits and vegetables to artisanal cheeses, fresh baked goods, and vibrant flower bouquets. Each product is a testament to the region’s rich agricultural landscape and the dedication of local farmers.
  • Recipe Cards from Everyone’s Harvest: To help transform market purchases into delicious, healthy meals, Everyone’s Harvest provides recipe cards with easy, nutritious recipes. These cards encourage shoppers to try new foods and incorporate more fresh produce into their diets.
  • Interactive Activities: This year, the program features a schedule of interactive cooking demonstrations by local chefs, designed to engage the community in learning about healthy lifestyle choices in a hands-on, fun environment.

The market also plays a crucial role in the Fresh Rx Program, an initiative that prescribes fresh produce to patients at risk for chronic diet-related diseases. Participants receive weekly vouchers to spend at the market, supporting their health and fostering an ongoing relationship with wholesome food and nutrition education.

Natividad’s Farmers’ Market is proud to feature a diverse group of local partners, each bringing unique, high-quality products to the community:

  • Gallardo’s Farm: Offering an array of delicious produce and berries fresh from the field.
  • Rodriguez Bros Ranch: Known for their organic, farm-fresh berries and seasonal produce.
  • Stackhouse Orchards: Provides a variety of fresh fruits and nuts, perfect for healthy snacking.
  • Golden Flowers: Specializes in beautiful, freshly cut flowers to brighten any space.
  • MJ Bee Farm: Offers locally produced honey, a natural sweetener and superfood.
  • Tacos Don Beto: Serving authentic Mexican cuisine, from tacos to tamales.
  • Chavas Corn: Famous for its savory baked potatoes and corn dishes.
  • Aguas Frescas Barajas: Refreshing aguas frescas and fruit cups, ideal for a hot day.
  • Blazin’ Bayou BBQ: Brings a taste of Louisiana with their signature style of BBQ.
  • Dulce Vida Desserts: Features a selection of pastries and sweet treats made from scratch.
  • What’sPopp’n Popcorn: Offers gourmet popcorn in various flavors.
  • Ely’s Pupusas: Specializes in handmade pupusas, a Salvadoran favorite.
  • Split Tea LLC.: Offers a range of artisanal teas, both refreshing and invigorating.
  • Monterey Bay Pirate Jerky: Features handcrafted beef jerky in assorted flavors.
  • Cuzzo’s Fish Shak: Serving up good, ol’ soul food without the hassle of a road trip down South.

“Every aspect of the Farmers’ Market is designed to create a ripple effect of wellness throughout our community,” added Rosenberg. “From the economic benefits of supporting local small businesses to the health advantages of consuming fresh, minimally processed foods, the market is a cornerstone of our commitment to public health.”

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