Who We Are

Natividad Nurses share a deep commitment to our profession through advancement of the nursing profession throughout our organization. Our professional practice model is based on the belief that patients and families are partners in care. The model embraces the core principles of patient and family centeredness: dignity and respect, participation and collaboration, and information sharing in daily practice. Our principles are brought to life through behaviors that value personal accountability, positive relationships and engagement of high performing teams.

Nursing Mission, Vision, Values

Nursing Division Mission

To provide family-centered care emphasizing nursing excellence, respect, and compassion.

Nursing Division Vision

To develop an interdisciplinary, supportive environment where nursing is empowered to assist patients in improving their lives, therefore, impacting the community as a whole.

Nursing Division Values

Our nursing values ensure:

Nurturing – Nurse experts passing along their wisdom, caring, and confidence in order to guide new nurses in their professional, personal, and interpersonal growth

Accountabilityto be answerable to oneself and others for one’s own actions

Teamwork – an essential for patient safety and quality of care

Integrity – respecting the dignity and moral wholeness of every person without conditions or limitations

Visionary – views nursing as both an art and a science by promoting caring and competence as the link between science and humanity

Innovative – conversion of knowledge and ideas into meaningful work through creativity, entrepreneurship, and pushing beyond the boundaries of status quo

Dignity – advocacy role in preserving human dignity throughout the continuum of care, more focused on aspects of privacy, respect, and autonomy

Autonomy – authority to make decisions and the freedom to act in accordance with one’s professional knowledge base

Diversity – affirming the uniqueness of and differences among persons, ideas, values, and ethnicities

…in the work we do every day.

Meet Our Nursing Leaders

Nancy Buscher – Chief Nursing Officer

Lori Toderick – Director of the Acute Rehabilitation Unit

Mike Barber – Director of Cardiovascular Services

Chelsi Mettler – Director of Emergency Department

Nina Woolfolk – Director of ICU, Medical/Surgical/IMC

Anna Lisa Leal – Director of Mental Health, Float Pool, Juvenile Hall

Susan Lindeman – Director of Nursing Education & Simulation

Wally Sayles – Interim Director Surgical Services

April Ritchie – Director of Women’s & Children’s Services

House Administrative Nurses (HANs)

Natividad’s House Administrative Nurse (HAN) plays a vital role in assuring concerns that impact patient flow and patient care are addressed and communicated. Their role includes primarily dealing with patient care issues, staffing matters, supervision of the nurses and staff, and serving as an administrative representative of the hospital and CNO in their absence.

  • Steve Cox
  • Luisa Mercurio
  • Cassie Mills
  • Naidoo, Goonasagrie
  • Aleatha Pardi
  • Julie Uetz Berger

Awards & Recognition

Acute Rehabilitation Unit Recognition

DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses program initiated in 2019

Partners in Caring Awards

Emergency Unit- Quest for Zero, Tier 2

OB Department- Quest for Zero Beta Award (preventable birth injuries)

OB Department- Best Maternity Hospitals 2020 (Newsweek)

Nursing Education and Simulation Department- National Accreditation in Health Care Simulation, 2020-2025

Nursing Strategic Plan

Nursing Strategic Plan 2019-2021

“Service” – Provide an excellent patient centered care experience in all settings

  • Improve patient experience with initiation of “No Pass Zone” and Evidence Based Practice initiatives
  • Implement MAIDET
  • Validate ongoing compliance in bedside hand-off/hourly rounding
  • Incorporate patient/family in interdisciplinary rounds
  • Collaborate with Interpretive Services to provide culturally competent care
  • Implement new patient call system and Cisco Phone update to improve response and communication


“Quality” – Provide reliable and safe patient/family centered health care in all settings

  • Improve HCAHPS by 10%
  • Improve transitions of care
  • Reduce patient falls and achieve “zero” harm
  • Maintain 100% Core Measure compliance
  • Attain goals specific to BETA Quest for Zero (OB/ED)
  • Implement BETA HEART


“People” – Promote Natividad image as a desired place to work and practice

  • Promote national certification for nurses
  • Implement Shared Governance Model
  • Increase Simulation Lab, develop ongoing training, RN/NA
  • Create and maintain a positive work environment
  • Continue to foster collaboration with Nurse Residency Programs


“Stewardship” – Sustain Natividad financial performance in order to fulfill organizational vision

  • Decrease incremental overtime (<3%)
  • Implement Kronos productivity system and monitor
  • Reduce sitter utilization by 10%
  • Decrease cost related to hospital acquired conditions


“Growth” – Identify opportunities for continued growth of service lines

  • Implement and support Branding initiatives
  • Develop strategy for Surgical Floor
  • Collaborate to develop initiatives for enhancing patient flow in the ED