Natividad Speaks Your Language

  • October 16, 2023

To our patients, interpreting is more than words. It links cultures and fosters understanding between patients and physicians.

At Natividad, nearly half of our patients self-identify as Spanish speakers. Many are bilingual but prefer communicating with their health care team in their native language. In addition, more than 3% of our patients self-identify as speaking an indigenous language from Mexico.

“It’s vital that patients and doctors understand each other,” said Interpreter Services Manager Victor Sosa. “Listening in the right language leads to better outcomes for everyone.”

At Natividad, we have nationally recognized interpreters and a complex, reliable delivery system that is maintained and sustained at all hours, every day, to provide equitable access to patients. Our bilingual Spanish interpreters hold national certifications from the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI).

In addition, our providers and staff have training and value understanding our patients’ cultural and specific needs. Anyone who speaks a language other than English has a legal right to an interpreter when they receive health care services to help them understand treatments and discharge instructions (Title VI of CRA and Section 1557).

“If you or someone you love needs an interpreter, always ask for one,” Sosa said. “Our trained interpreters communicate the nuances of meaning and help Natividad’s doctors, nurses, administrators, and patients connect to improve care and speed healing.”