Elizabeth “Libby” Downey Joins Natividad Board of Trustees

  • May 21, 2019

Elizabeth “Libby” Downey, a retired nurse with a long history of public service in Monterey County, has joined Natividad’s Board of Trustees.

As a Natividad Trustee, Downey helps guide the Monterey County Board of Supervisors in its governing of Natividad. The acute care hospital and Trauma Center is owned and operated by Monterey County.

“Libby has been deeply involved in our community for more than 50 years,” said Natividad’s CEO Dr. Gary Gray. “We are grateful she is bringing her lifetime of experience as a public health nurse, business professional and community advocate to our board.”

Downey is from North Carolina, where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 1960. After moving to Monterey in 1963, Downey spent much of her career in hospital nursing, public health, nursing school instruction, the Child Health, and Disability Program, and served as a Conservator of the Person appointed by the Superior Court.

Downey is an avid volunteer and served on boards across Monterey County including Planned Parenthood, the Visiting Nurse Association, Rotary Club of Monterey, Hospice Foundation for the Central Coast and the Monterey County Grand Jury. She also served as a Monterey City Council Member from 2004 to 2016.

“Serving our community and making our region a healthier place for all has been a major part of my life for many years,” said Downey. “I’m excited to continue helping families throughout the Central Coast have access to health care that makes a positive impact on their lives.”

Downey and her husband Wayne have lived in Monterey for 56 years. They have three adult children, Scott, Heath and Paige, and seven grandchildren.