Natividad Medical Center Receives BETA Healthcare Group OB Award of Excellence Two Years In A Row For Quality Obstetrical Practices

  • June 21, 2010

BETA Healthcare Group (BHG) and Natividad Medical Center (NMC) will hold a joint press conference to announce that NMC is the recipient of the BETA Award of Excellence for the second consecutive year. The goal of the initiative is to promote best practice in care delivery to moms and babies in BETA’s “Quest for Zero” preventable birth injuries. The award is given to hospitals that demonstrate 100% compliance with all elements of the OB initiative outlined below. More than 35 hospitals were eligible to participate and 5, to date, have received the Award of Excellence. NMC is one of 4 BETA members that have received the award for two consecutive years.

BETA Healthcare Group (BHG) provides malpractice coverage to NMC and offered the incentive program to their member hospitals as part of their patient safety campaign. The Risk Management Initiative required:

1. The use of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development nomenclature for the interpretation of electronic fetal heart rate monitoring by physicians and nurses.

2. Evidence of fetal heart rate monitoring interpretation competency by physicians and nurses.

3. Collaboration between physicians and nurses evidenced by a minimum of monthly multidisciplinary fetal monitor strip reviews.

By achieving 100% compliance with the criteria, improving patient safety and reducing risk and error for obstetrical practice, NMC will be awarded a 5% premium renewal credit from its liability carrier BETA.

In addition, as part of NMC’s commitment to OBGYN Excellence, NMC is a participant of Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) 2010 Perinatal Learning and Innovation Community. The goal of participation is to ensure that healthcare systems, nationally and internationally, "perform substantially better in the future than the best it can do in the present”. Participation benefits NMC’s facility through formalizing and implementing proven clinical quality improvement strategies directed at reducing perinatal harm.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 23rd

TIME: 11:00 a.m.

WHERE: Natividad Medical Center located at 1441 Constitution Blvd in Salinas , California

DETAILS: Natividad Medical Center Perinatal Services includes labor and delivery, the Level III neonatal intensive care unit and the postpartum unit. The foundation of Natividad’s Perinatal Services is the in-house 24/7 staffing of a highly skilled perinatal team. This team includes an OB/GYN, anesthesiologist, neonatologist, neonatal nurse practitioner, nurses and operating room personnel. Natividad’s Perinatal Services’ goal is to provide the highest quality and safest obstetrical care possible. By having the perinatal team in house at all times and developing systems that support excellent care, Natividad is at the forefront of quality and safety in the delivery room.

About Natividad Medical Center

Natividad Medical Center is a 172-bed acute care medical center owned and operated by Monterey County , and has been providing healthcare for more than 120 years. A public community hospital, Natividad Medical Center emphasizes the care of women, children and families and offers comprehensive inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic and specialty care. Natividad is the only teaching hospital on the Central Coast , through its affiliation with the University of California , San Francisco (UCSF). With a medical staff of more than 235 physicians, Natividad’s mission is to continually improve the health status of the people of Monterey County through access to affordable, high-quality healthcare services. Natividad is based in Salinas , California . For more information, please call 831-755-4111 or visit

About BETA Healthcare Group (BHG):

BETA is the largest writer of hospital professional liability coverage in the state, serving more than 100 county, district and nonprofit hospitals and healthcare facilities. BHG also insures 45 medical groups through its risk retention group, HealthPro. BETA Healthcare Group has offered a premium renewal credit in OB Safety for the last two years. To learn more about BETA Healthcare Group please visit

Requirements for the BETA Award of Excellence:

1. The facility has a policy requiring that all providers and Labor & Delivery Nursing staff utilize current NICHD nomenclature for electronic fetal monitor (EFM) interpretation. The policy has been approved by the Medical Executive Committee (MEC).

2. OB privileging criteria requires successful completion of an AWHONN or ACOG endorsed class that includes current NICHD nomenclature.

3. All physicians, residents and CNMs with OB privileges must complete an AWHONN or ACOG endorsed class that includes current NICHD nomenclature. This requirement may by met by verification of prior course taken that meets the above referenced criteria or, must be completed within three months of appointment to staff, with repeat testing every two years. This requirement must be part of the medical staff privileging process. OB privileging criteria pertains to all obstetricians, family practice physicians with OB privileges, residents managing patients in Labor and Delivery, and Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs).

4. All L&D staff nurses must complete an AWHONN or ACOG endorsed class that includes current NICHD nomenclature. This requirement may by met by verification of prior course taken that meets the above referenced criteria or, must be completed within three months of hire/assignment to L&D unit, with successful retesting every two years.

5. The medical record documentation complies with use of current NICHD nomenclature.

6. Multidisciplinary fetal monitor strip review is conducted monthly at a minimum. Participants must include an OB physician, L&D unit nurses, and, if available, residents and CNMs (as applicable).

7. All required participants must attend a minimum of 4 multidisciplinary EFM strip reviews per year

8. OB Department Quality Improvement Program includes strip review criteria for example: tachysystole, late decelerations, not noted, random selection and near misses

9. Multidisciplinary fetal monitor strip review sessions include documentation of EFM strips selected for discussion based on meeting established criteria. This includes classification of Category I, II and III FHR tracings.